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Sister Rose Margaret Schweers Most Valuable Member Award

The award is named after another one of our most prestigious members, Sister Rose Margaret Schweers, who after serving on various committees and Board/Officer positions became Georgia Chapter President in 1965-1966. Accolades and honors continued to be bestowed on Sister Rose Margaret through the years. She was also the recipient of all Founders Awards, the Medal of Honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Sister Rose was a Lifetime Member of the Georgia Chapter of HFMA.
Sister Rose Margaret was a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and served the order faithfully for many years. Sister has been a teacher, but the majority of her career has been in healthcare finance. Except for a brief stint in Kansas City, Sister has concentrated her mission primarily at St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta, GA. She worked at the hospital in a number of capacities, including Foundation Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Sister worked as the hospital historian until she retired at the young age of 90, and moved to the convent in St. Louis, MO. Sister Rose passed away in 2009, but we are all grateful for her many years of valuable service and the legacy she left behind for the Georgia Chapter.

Lee Evins, President of the Georgia Chapter 1998-1999, had the honor of recommending to the Board that the Most Valuable Member Award be renamed the Sister Rose Margaret Schweers Most Valuable Member Award. The Board heartily agreed and voted unanimously for the renaming of the award.

This award demonstrates outstanding leadership and contributions for the betterment and growth of the Georgia Chapter.

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