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The official quarterly newsletter of the Georgia Chapter of HFMA serves as the main pipeline to our professionals. The articles that appear in this newsletter are submitted by our members or are press releases from the National HFMA office. These articles provide interesting, insightful material that appeals to urban, rural, profit and not-for-profit facilities and their professionals.

Mission Statement
To provide informative articles that promote the well being and educational enhancement of the health care professional and his community.

Editorial Policy
Opinions expressed in articles or features are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Georgia Chapter, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, or the Scroll Committee. Questions regarding articles or features should be addressed to the author(s). The Healthcare Financial Management Association and the Scroll Committee assume no responsibility for the accuracy or content of any articles or features published in The Georgia Scroll.

The Scroll Committee reserves the right to accept or reject contributions whether solicited or not. All correspondence is assumed to be a release for publication unless otherwise indicated.

All article submissions should be sent in MS Word format or mailed on diskette in MSWord format via e-mail to Trebba Putnam at:

Scroll Editors
Trebba Putnam
Eric Summers

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